About Us

We're excited to launch Travelkosh, a simple and convenient platform to explore and book travel through the help of local experts. Travelkosh was born out of our firm commitment to simplify travel planning; we spend countless hours researching online and are left with a confused mind with far too many choices.

We envision you talking to a local expert instead, someone who knows the destination well, sometimes much better than a search engine, and can offer curated travel advice to travelers seeking to experience a destination. A person who loves to hear from you, understand your interest and work with you to organize your vacation, and finally help you to book services with a few verified travel agents in competitive prices.

We believe this is the future of travel - bringing local experts back into the planning phase to understand a modern day traveler looking for flexibility, independence and then work together to put together an amazing trip plan.

We're looking forward to on-board you in 'travelkosh.com'.

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